The unique feeling of cyclists

For a thing from different angles, different starting points will have different feelings, for outdoor tourism is also the case, if you choose the newspaper group to hurry according to other people's arrangements, then you can only get what you have been to. If you choose a car and watch the scenery changing all the way out of the window, all you get is that the scenery here is good. If you have a bicycle and experience the local culture with the same people along the way, you will get the beautiful scenery along the way, the partners of your peers, the local culture, the bumps and harvests along the way.


There is only wind, breathing and rustling tire noise on the bicycle. If there is any other noise, it must be chain to refuel for you. In this way, some people dream of hiking, others dream of self-driving and others dream of being a crazy knight. Bicycle travel can help us get rid of the pressure of life and learning, let us forget the complex and fraudulent society, along the way we can make us re-recognize ourselves, redefine the meaning and value of life and life.

Riders from different places, in the lead ride, security on the way numerous indelible along the way, followed by both the storm and the journey, all transformed into bright memories in passion. Coming and going is a face, the same is the passion on the road and the passion of youth.
Different riders from different places deal with each other. Some parents come around the lake with their teenagers, some old people come with them, and some students are close to graduation. Everyone will come with their stories and return with the satisfaction of other people's stories.


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